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Carpet Cleaning With Allergies

If you have anyone in your home suffering from asthma or allergies, make sure you are vacuuming at least twice a week, and three times a week if you have a pet. Common household dirt and dander can build up very quickly. The average household produces around 40 POUNDS of dirt per year in our carpets, which produces twice the amount of dust in the air at home than outside. So, for those suffering from allergies it is vital to keep up with your carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning for those with allergies

Daily cleaning like vacuuming does help removes dirt and dander but it does not remove bacteria. Disinfecting and sanitizing your carpet will ensure to kill all living bacteria within the fibers.

The Galaxy's Finest uses professional quality equipment and uses hot water extraction to clean dirt, dander, hair, and grime from with the carpet material. All of our chemicals used are non-toxic and safe for allergies and children.

Carpet Cleaning Video:


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