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Why Choose Galaxy's Finest Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning?

You may start to notice your carpet no longer has the same look or feel as it once did and now you are seriously considering that it needs to be steam cleaned. You will go online and search for some quality brands and the internet will have loads of reviews and testimonials on what products work and what does not. What is almost always lacking in these reviews is the type of process that comes with such a large task and what goes into carpet cleaning. This is also true for speciality rugs, like oriental rugs. Here are a few good, quality carpet cleaning solutions.

Bissell Cleaning Solution

For more than 140 years, Bissell has been bringing carpet cleaning products to consumers. Their Bissell Professional Deep Cleaning carpet cleaning solution has twice the cleaning agents as many of the other formulas on the market. It helps to eliminate even the toughest, ground-in dirt, keeping your carpets looking good and staying cleaner for longer. This formula deep cleans and protects your carpet while removing odors.

Hoover Carpet Cleaning Products

Since 1908, Hoover vacuums have been trusted to provide reliable and innovative cleaning solutions. Their Hoover Platinum Collection Professional Strength Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Solution is effective at removing tough stains like red wine, grease, coffee, cosmetics, and more. It is great for getting high traffic areas clean and eliminating odors.

Rug Doctor Best Carpet Cleaning Solution

For over 40 years, Rug Doctor has been empowering consumers to achieve professional-quality carpet cleaning results themselves. Their Platinum Pure with Oxy carpet shampoo is an all-purpose cleaning solution that deep cleans and tackles tough stains from everyday spills and accidents. It neutralizes odors while providing a deep clean and extracting dirt, oil, and stains from your carpet.

Now, you have your list of solutions and now you are ready to pick one and clean your carpet. But you need a steam cleaner. Now, most people rent them and that could work. But the process in keeping your carpet healthy and clean is a bit more complicated than simply shampooing the carpet. We professionally pre-treat your carpet prior to the steam cleaning process. Pre-treating gets the dirt, grime and bacteria a simple vacuum typically doesn't. After these first two steps, carpet protector is your next stop. This will stop future spills from being absorbed into the carpet.

These processes require different equipment and an eye that only experience could possibly bring. By the time you are done renting the equipment, buying the solutions and researching, you forgot that you still have to get everything out of your way. You've already lost an entire day.

By giving us a call and getting a quote, you could have cleaned, protected and sanitized carpets and you didn't have to leave your home. This proven approach that we use here also works for area and oriental rugs, upholstery and mattress.

Give us a call and get your free quote today!


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