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Removing Pet Stains From Carpets

If you are dealing with pet stains and/or odors, The Galaxy's Finest has got your back! Pets can be loving and warm but they also tend to have indoor accidents. Urine and carpet do not mix well. This can cause an uncomfortable odor if not cleaned properly. Most common pet stain removal errors people make, are dabbing the urine further into the carpet fibers. If your cat or dog has an accident inside, use club soda and a Shop-Vac to remove as much urine as possible, then call The Galaxy's Finest as soon as you can!

Quickly and safely remove pet stains from your carpet
Don't Let Pet Stains Ruin Your Day

The Galaxy's Finest Carpet Cleaning uses professional Eco-safe, pre-treat chemicals, and hot water extraction to pull the urine and stains from deep within the carpet fibers. Make sure to ask about sanitizer and protector, as this will safely remove any bacteria or germs and protect the carpet fibers.


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