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Seven Carpet Care Tips from Galaxy's Finest Carpet Cleaning

No other item in your home absorbs more wear and tear on a daily basis than your carpet, and no other item can impact your home’s appearance like your carpet can.  Unfortunately, many consumers ignore the warning signs until it’s too late.  The Galaxy’s Finest recommends that homeowners follow a few steps to keep up the appearance of their carpets!

Seven Carpet Care Tips:

  1. Have your carpets cleaned professionally at least once per year.

  2. Vacuum carpets at least twice per week.

  3. Use doormats to protect your carpets from dirt and moisture.

  4. Protect the surface of your carpets with a protector such as Dupont Teflon.

  5. Rotate furniture:  Premature wear takes place when traffic paths are unchanged.

  6. Blot up spills when they occur, never rub or scrub, you may set the stain further.

  7. Dry wet spots immediately to prevent watermarks. Blot with a dry, clean cloth or use a hair dryer.


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