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Tips & Tricks for Removing Carpet Stains

Ball Point Ink:  Use hair spray and be sure to rinse the entire area well with water when finished.

Blood Stains:  Flush with cold water.  Avoid hot water as heat will set the blood stain.

Candle Wax:  Put a brown paper bag over the dried wax and run a hot iron over it.  The bag will absorb the hot wax.

Grass Stains:  Apply rubbing alcohol liberally to stained areas.

Grease and Oil Marks:  Gently rub in talcum powder, cornmeal or cornstarch.  Let it set then brush or sponge powder away.

Gum:  Freeze the gum with ice and use a dull knife to remove.

Red Wine:  Use club soda to flush the wine from the carpet fibers.

Soft Drinks:  Apply a solution of one quart water with one teaspoon mild detergent and one teaspoon of white vinegar.

Tips & Tricks for removing stains from carpet
Tips & Tricks for Stains - Galaxy's Finest Carpet Cleaning


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